Warm welcome from InspectionMicroscope! We are going to provide information you need about inspection microscope or industrial inspection microscopy equipment. There are a variety of applications used in production line quality control process.Tiny or smaller parts are going to be checked up to determine machine defects as well as circuit boards. This is also done to properly unite electronic components.

Real time viewing inspection with the use of a microscope connected to a CCTV (closed circuit television monitor) monitor is among the most common inspection microscopy system. A CCD (Charged Coupled Device) camera is used and the best chipset for the camera is a ccd chip. This provides a really good view. Changing the c-mount (camera mounting attachment) may vary the actual viewing field. C-mounts have different magnifications of the lens. If you require a larger view on the video monitor, then a greater reduction lens should be used on the c-mount.

The use of different bottom lens are among the accessories used to change the microscope’s field of view. A bottom lens with 0.5x will double the microscope’s field of view, whilst 2x bottom lens double the magnification. Thes bottom lens can also change the working distance while varied types of c-mounts can’t. An inspection microscope working distance is the distance from the microscope’s bottom lens up to the top of the object being inspected. The capabilities of an inspection microscope can be altered based on the changes in the bottom and c-mount magnification lenses. Choosing microscopy components should be carefully taken into consideration. Proper reviews on the client’s application and particular needs and demands should be done by an experienced microscopist.

There is also another option that changes the viewing quality such as the selection of high grage and high resolution cameras. While there are some really expensive cameras that only requires a limited improvement in optical video quality, a properly selected. affordable CCD microscope camera can provide good quality viewing for video microscopy. With us, you can obtain what you need because we have the most necessary expertise in inspection microscopy. We also have quality video inspection microscopes for different industrial needs.